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Gift Annuity Basics

A gift annuity is a planned charitable gift that provides donors with income for life. This type of gift can be a super benefit to seniors who want to make a charitable impact while also securing their retirement income and paying less tax.

The mechanics of a gift annuity are fairly straightforward, although donors should couch a decision to make a planned gift within the greater framework of their financial plan.

A gift annuity donor needs to find a charity who offers gift annuities. This is harder than you might expect, since most Canadian charities do not offer gift annuities. So consider a donor advised fund such as Link Charity. Link Charity can facilitate a gift annuity that benefits any registered Canadian charity, even private foundations.

Once the gift annuity details such as the size and terms have been arranged, the donor writes a cheque and receives a charitable receipt. The donor then receives a monthly guaranteed income for life. The monthly income can be received by direct deposit to the donor’s bank account.

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