Who is George Brown?

George Brown (November 29, 1818 – May 9, 1880) was a Scottish-born Canadian journalist, politician and one of the Fathers of Confederation; attended the Charlottetown (Sept. 1864) and Quebec (Oct. 1864) conferences.[1] A noted Reform politician, he is best known as the founder and editor of the Toronto Globe, Canada’s most powerful and influential newspaper. He was an articulate champion of the grievances and anger of Upper Canada (Ontario). He played a major role in securing national unity.

Brown attacked slavery in the United States and in 1850, helped found the Anti-Slavery Society of Canada. This society was founded to end the practice of slavery in North America, and individual members aided former American slaves reach Canada via the Underground Railroad. As a result, black Canadians enthusiastically supported Brown’s political ambitions.

Brown was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada in 1851. He reorganized the Clear Grit(Liberal) Party in 1857, supporting, among other things, the separation of church and state, the annexation of Rupert’s Land, and a small government. But the most important issue for George Brown was what he termed representation by population, or commonly known as “rep by pop”.


The best way to learn about George Brown is to study Canadian politics, particularly the politics of Ontario between the rebellions and confederation. Below is a small list of resources to help you with your study:

buy viagra gel online uk Brown of the Globe: Volume One: Voice of Upper Canada 1818-1859 by JMS Careless

http://cdavisent.com/portfolio-items/29/ Brown of the Globe: Volume Two: Statesman of Confederation 1860-1880 by JMS Careless

John A. Macdonald: The Young Politician. The Old Chieftain by Donald Creighton

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